Dream Interpretation

I’ve been working on a new spread for dream interpretation. The past few months I’ve been having not so much recurring dreams but recurring themes. After looking up dream meanings and getting nowhere, I decided it was time to consult the cards. I’ve tried a few other spreads that I found online but none of them seemed to feel quite right. The next step was obvious; if I couldn’t find a spread, I would create my own. And here it is, my Dream Interpretation spread.

1). Seed of the dream

What is the base cause of the dream? What are the influences? Are there external causes in the waking world or is it purely subconscious?

2). Who sent the message

Where did the message come from? Do you have a spirit guide?

3). What is the message

This is of course the very core of the interpretation. What is the dream trying to tell you.

4). What is the link between the waking world and the subconscious

How is this to apply to the conscious world. What are you not seeing?

5). How to apply the lessons to the conscious world

What are you being asked to do and prepare for.

6). What to look for in future dreams

When you are having similar dreams, what aspects should you be paying special attention to.

I will be making this spread available very soon after a bit more practice so stay tuned.

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