Toxic Positivity and Tarot

Be Happy!

Isn’t that just one of the most annoying things someone can say to you when you feeling anything but? Society has us convinced that we should be happy and grateful all the time, 24/7. This is nothing new of course. The idea of the good old British stiff upper lip is an extension of this concept. But what if you aren’t happy? Should you hide this? Is positive thinking really the answer to all of your woes?

To be honest, no. Now I need to say that I’m very much in favour of a positive attitude. But this idea that you need to be constantly happy is dangerous. Often it’s delusional and a while you might think you’re doing yourself a favour, what you’re actually doing is hiding from your problems instead of dealing with them. This is Toxic Positivity. Sometimes you need to do that. You need to put them to one side and say “Not today”. This is good, that’s healthy. As long as you don’t keep putting them on the shelf. Think about the meme with the dog in the burning room drinking a coffee like nothing is happening. The tag line is “This is fine”. That is a an excellent example of what Toxic Positivity is.

“On Fire” By Artist K C Green

So what has this rambling go to do with Tarot? Simple, it’s the fear people have of giving what can or could be perceived as a negative reading. Each and every one of us is guilty of this at some point. You want your client to be happy once they have left and telling them that their car is going to break down on the way home to finding their partner in bed with the dog is not going to achieve that (That’s never actually come up by the way, just an extreme example). The truth is not always Lovers and The Star. Sometimes that Tower is going to raise it’s ugly head and slap you across the face with the 10 of swords.

So what do you do with these negative cards? Do you put the back, shuffle and try again, hoping for something fluffier? If so then you are doing your client and yourself a disservice. Yes, both of those cards are viewed in a negative light but they both have something else in common. They both speak of endings and transition. If you ignore them and go for something more positive then the opportunity for change may be lost. This will lead to the client repeating the same patterns over and over. Now lets look at it from a different view.

You don’t put the cards back. You slam them down and look at them in the context of the query. The client has drawn The Tower and the 10 of Swords. They already know that things have been falling apart around them, that’s why they have come to you. That’s what the tower has told you as a reader. Then comes the 10. They have reached their lowest point. Things can’t get any worse. Sounds pretty negative right? Wrong! It’s exactly because things can’t get worse that this is good. The only way now is upwards. But they have to know that the climb is coming in order to take that first step towards better things. They are now aware that they need to make a change so they can rebuild.

So what have we done here. We’ve taken a ‘Negative’ thing and turned it into a positive one. Wait, isn’t that what I was rambling against at the start of this word salad? No, it isn’t. There is a huge difference in finding the positive in something and being able to use it, and pretending that everything is going to okay by just thinking they are. When things are at their worst, that’s when we need to act and be at our strongest. It also means accepting that things are not all sunshine and roses. Once you recognise and accept a problem, you will find the answers are much more forthcoming.

Tarot Haiku

For those who follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you may have noticed that there’s been a sudden influx of tarot based Japanese poetry. This is a new method I’m trying to help understand the base meanings behind each card. It’s also a lot of fun and really gets you thinking.

For those who dont know, a haiku is a poem with a 5, 7, 5 syllable structure. That means you have to describe a cards meaning in no more than 17 syllables. It’s a fun challenge and one that let’s my writer side have a play as well. Here’s an example for the High Priestess

The High Priestess from The Rackham Tarot

See beyond the veil

Answers are within yourself

Hear you inner voice”

Why not give it a go yourself. It’s a great way to get you thinking about the meaning behind the cards.

Dream Interpretation

I’ve been working on a new spread for dream interpretation. The past few months I’ve been having not so much recurring dreams but recurring themes. After looking up dream meanings and getting nowhere, I decided it was time to consult the cards. I’ve tried a few other spreads that I found online but none of them seemed to feel quite right. The next step was obvious; if I couldn’t find a spread, I would create my own. And here it is, my Dream Interpretation spread.

1). Seed of the dream

What is the base cause of the dream? What are the influences? Are there external causes in the waking world or is it purely subconscious?

2). Who sent the message

Where did the message come from? Do you have a spirit guide?

3). What is the message

This is of course the very core of the interpretation. What is the dream trying to tell you.

4). What is the link between the waking world and the subconscious

How is this to apply to the conscious world. What are you not seeing?

5). How to apply the lessons to the conscious world

What are you being asked to do and prepare for.

6). What to look for in future dreams

When you are having similar dreams, what aspects should you be paying special attention to.

I will be making this spread available very soon after a bit more practice so stay tuned.

New Years Readings

With the new year upon us it’s a good time to see what is in store for the coming year. In the run up to New Years Day I’m offering a special two card new years reading.

The first card is looking back at the year that has been. It’s always important to remember how you’ve reached the place you are in at this moment. The second is a guide on how to go into the new year. How to face any challenges you may perceive.

Readings are £4.00 and done via email or through direct message on the Facebook page.

As always, please see the price list page for payment information and to make a booking.

Gift Certificates Now Available


Gift certificates are now available on request.  These can be any amount from £5.00 upwards.  There is no expiry date on them and you can also top them up at any time you want provided the balance has not gone below £1.00.

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Meet My Decks: Hidden Realms Oracle

Wisdom Of The Hidden RealmsWelcome to the first in my reviews of the decks that I use on a regular basis. I’m going to start with one of the first decks I ever got; The Hidden Realms Oracle Deck by Collette Baron-Reid. This has long been one of my favourite decks for Oracle work. Aside from the beautiful art work, the deck itself feels very positive. How a deck feels is incredibly important to me personally. If you dont have a connection with your cards, it’s simply not going to work. Don’t be put off if that connection isn’t instant, sometimes it can take a few passes. In will be discussing this in a post at a later date.

The cards themselves are absolutely stunning with bright almost glowing artwork. The card stock is high quality, thick gloss. The only issue I’ve seen, and a few people have complained about this, is that when I first open the pack I had to unstick each card from it’s neighbours. These seems to be a problem with the die cutter used. I’ve had this deck a few years now so hopefully they have resolved this issue. All it means is that you have to spend a bit of time taking each one apart. This can be beneficial as it will give you a chance to examine each card from the beginning. I’m sure I’m not the only person guilty of getting a new deck, opening the box and flipping through at the speed of light…

The guidebook is very well written and easy to use. It begins with an introduction to what Oracle cards are, how they differ from Tarot and recommends some pre reading rituals. Of course these are just recommendations and you should always go with what is right for you. Each card gets a two to three page description and breakdown. My only gripe would be that the guide is physically smaller than most Tarot guides you will come across and the print is similarly small to accomadate the amount of information.

Something nice about this deck are the key meanings printed on each card. These allow you to forego the guide if you so wish and try free reading , using them as prompts. This is an excellent way of tuning your abilities and encourages the reader to look at the card in a different way. To really use their intuition and learn to trust that. This is a fantastic starter deck as well as being great for the more experienced reader.

The Journey Begins

My journey in the incredible world of the Tarot began several years ago. What began as a mild curiosity, stopping and starting over the years, has blossomed into a spiritual awakening. These last few years have been some of the hardest and most rewarding for me. We live in a world with set expectations. Where anyone who deviates from what is expected is shunned or ridiculed. It causes so many people to hide who they are and what they believe for fear of being labeled as weird. We hide bit only from others but from ourselves.


Thanks to the love and support of some of the best people and best friends I have ever know or hoped to have, I have found out so much about myself and the world we live in. There is so much we fail to see each day. The answers to most of our problems are so often right there in front of us if we just take a moment to look in a different way. This, to me, is the essence of Tarot. It is not simply about predicting the future. There is nothing black and white about it. Instead it is a way to get a new perspective on a situation. Life itself is not black and white but many subtle shades of all colours. It is this subtleness that we often have trouble seeing. By using the Tarot we can open our mind to possibilities that had always been there.

It can be a simple single card draw or a multiple card spread. It matters not, what matters is that you open yourself the message. It may lead to more questions but each step is one closer to your answer.

So do not fear what is unknown. Embrace it, open your spirit to it. Life is an on going learning experience. The more you learn, the more you grow. Welcome to the journey. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s a hell of a ride.